Software untuk belajar merakit Komputer Desktop dan Laptop

Posted: May 20, 2010 in Software

Ini software untuk belajar merakit komputer desktop dan laptop…
Selebihnya bisa dilihat di bawah…

Cisco IT Essentials Virtual Desktop PC & Laptop v4.0

Virtual Learning Tools

Standalone virtual learning tools have been developed to supplement PC Hardware and Software classroom instruction and provide opportunities for interactive “hands-on” learning. These tools: Virtual Desktop and Virtual Laptop, can support course delivery in environments with limited physical equipment by enabling students to virtually disassemble and reassemble desktops and laptops.

Download :

Mirror Added :

Lokal Mirror Added :

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  1. Anda Suganda says:

    Really. Thank verry much i have downloaded the software IT virtual Destop PC and laptop maybe It used for my student in my school…Y from Indonesia.

  2. muhsin says:

    dapat fhm pasal hardware dlm laptop…thnx

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